Photo of Shopping Mall of Chances Hotel

Our Shopping Mall

Our international, modern shopping mall provides a variety of facilities and services available to hotel guests, voltarians, visitors from Accra, neighbouring regions and countries. The feedback from those who have shopped or visited the Chances Shopping Mall has been with rave reviews, high regards and genuine amazement.

Bust of the owner of Chances HotelThe Chances Shopping mall is the first of its kind in the Volta Region of Ghana.  It is a spacious, fully air-conditioned facility located in a friendly environment with a congenial atmosphere and has a large spacious, shaded parking lot.  The products are of high quality and affordable.

The following are currently available or coming soon:

– Shopping Mall                         – Supermarket               – Sports Shop

– Fast Food Joint                       – Fitness Centre            – Pharmacy

– Spa & Sauna                             – Optical Shop                – Clinic


Be sure to check out all the departments in the Mall when you arrive.

Our friendly cashiers and attendants are ready to serve you.

A variety of local and imported fresh meats,
fish and seafood awaits you.

Mall Open Hours

9am – 8pm